1. There are some nice local hotels well worth booking into now before the rush:

    Hotel La Tour, Albert Street, Birmingham B5 5JE, England

    Premier Inn Birmingham City Centre (New St Station) Hotel

    Holiday Inn Express Birmingham – South A45: Address: 1270 Coventry Road, Yardley, Birmingham B25 8BJ
    Phone:0121 289 3333

    Holiday Inn Express Birmingham – Star City: Address: Cuckoo Rd, Heartlands Parkway Nechells, Birmingham B7 5SB
    Phone:0121 327 1183

    You’ll need a car (or taxi) for most of the hotels.

    Or try http://www.hotels.com

  2. There is some limited overnight stay at the Masjid for brothers only, but we would not advise it. Hotel is better and more comfortable.

    (Note: Anyone staying overnight will have to bring minimal belongings and any bags will be subject to search to maintain security).

  3. Remember to bring along your spouses, families, children and friends. Bookstore will be open all weekend with special “women only” times. Come and have an enjoyable weekend.

  4. @SalafiMasjidCom: UK Conference Birmingham 25-27 December 2015 only 10 days away: Abu-Hakīm, Abu-Iyād, Abu-Khadījah, Abu-Muädh + links: Sh Rabī and Sh Ubayd.
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    Overnight stay for men only. Bag searches will be made at random.

    Local hotels are available for families go to hotels.com for the best deals.

    If you have a car, we advise you book into a nice hotel and drive to the Masjid.

  5. Confirmed links with Sh. Abdur-Rahmān Muhiyud-Dīn Sh. Abdullāh Dhufairī Sh. Arafāt. In person: Abu Iyād Abu Hakeem Abu Mu’ādh Abu Khadeejah.

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