December 24th, 25th, 26th 2018 Conference: “Establishing an Islamic Home and Setting a Fine Example for the Youth”

This is the twenty-second Annual Winter Conference in Birmingham. This is a “must-attend” event for every Muslim: man, woman and young person. Some real serious lectures on building a family; choosing a partner, rights between the husband and wife, guardianship, marriage contract, parenting and treatment of parents; learning about children, “teenagers” and schooling; measure to prevent divorce, how to divorce correctly and the khula’; keeping the Muslim youth focused on the religion, worship, studies, responsibility and well-being; also Q&A sessions after each talk. Book your hotel from now, here: Holiday Inn Express Coventry Road

If you do not live in the UK and cannot attend, listen online right here on this website. This is a FREE event. Books are sold in their thousands over this weekend, and that aids to fund this major event, so come prepared to take a small library home with you! Our usual turnout is over 3,000 guests. Please donate through this site (by PayPal) to help fund this event so we can cover its costs or phone 01217730003 and donate by Debit Card – and jazāhumullāhu khairan! Any questions or queries, call us on 01217730033 and ask for any of the following brothers: Abu Maryam, Awzān and Abdullāh. Invite friends, family, colleagues, people you know through WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter!

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