Weekly Classes and Lessons at the Salafi Masjid 2016


Monday Evening:

Abu Hakeem: Tafseer Ibn Katheer – Explanation of the Qur’an

Tuesday Evening:

Abu Idrees: The Virtues of Knowledge, the Manners of Seeking It, and the Status of Its People

Wednesday Evening:

Abu Hakeem: Umdatul-Ahkaam – Lessons in Fiqh

Thursday Evening:

Abu Khadeejah: Explanation of the Creed of Al-Barbahaaree (Shaikh Al-Fawzaan and Shaikh Rabee’)

Friday Evening:

Abu Khadeejah: Explanation of Kitaab at-Tawheed (Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmee)

Saturday Morning:

Abu Khadeejah: Sisters: Buloogh al-Maraam of Ibn Hajr – Chapters on Marriage and Divorce (Shaikh Al-Fawzaan)

Saturday Afternoon:

Khidr: Somali language class

Saturday Evening:

Abu Hakeem: Explanation of Imaam An-Nawawee’s 40 Hadeeth

Sunday Dhuhr:

Abu Hakeem: Sisters’ Class

Sunday Evening:

Abu Khadeejah: Introduction to the Sciences of Hadeeth

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