Inside Our Present Masjid

Inside Our Present Masjid

Help us to purchase our MASJID

The Present Salafi Masjid
The location of the present Salafi Mosque is in the heart of Small Heath Birmingham. It is ideally placed within a bustling Muslim community, just behind the Coventry Road that leads into the city centre, whilst in the opposite direction lies Birmingham International Airport within a twenty minute drive.
At present over a thousand people visit the Mosque weekly for prayers, classes, Qur’aan classes and the Friday Sermon. There are several conferences held each year attended by thousands. It is clear to anyone attending that the Mosque capacity is woefully inadequate for the numbers that try to attend. Our poor sisters are confined to classrooms at the back of the Mosque that become overcrowded on Fridays, Conferences and in Ramadhaan. The present capacity is one thousand worshippers. We need to increase that to two thousand – and this can be done in the current building, by the Will of Allaah and His Kindness. How? Read on.
Our current Mosque premises are rented, but we’d like to buy the building and make it a permanent Salafi Masjid for generations to come, by the Will of Allaah and His Aid.
We started fundraising for this project back in 2010 under the title, “Masjid as-Sunnah” with the aim of either purchasing the existing building, or building a new Masjid from scratch. In 2013 we decided that the best option is to purchase the existing building due to its size and ideal location.

2013: Our Present Financial State
Though Salafi Publications has a solid presence in the West and is a Muslim household name, supported and praised by dozens of Scholars of ahlus-Sunnah, it’s financial situation has always been poor. The reason for this is that Salafi Publications has always ploughed its funds straight back into da’wah projects. It is for this very reason (after the Aid of Allaah) that Salafi Publications has such a huge presence on the landscape. We don’t hold on to the wealth that our publications generate, we always invest it into more and more da’wah efforts. And this goes for Sadaqah money as well. What we do with money raised from book publications, audio sales, and donations can be seen by all. We have, and all praise is for Allaah, a Masjid, a day school, a bookstore, a childrens’ Qur’aan school, dozens of books published, thousands of audios and over 25 websites of knowledge – this puts a huge strain on our finances. Bills alone amount to thousands a month, then we have salaries for teachers, caretakers and other staff. Add to that Masjid and school expenses – It all takes a toll on the finances.

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