Lessons at the Salafi Masjid: Autumn and Winter 2018

Lessons in the Salafi Masjid: Autumn/Winter 2018

Abu Hakeem Bilal ibn Ahmad Davis:

Mondays: 7.30pm: Tafseer of the Qur’an by Ibn Katheer

Wednesdays: 7.30pm: Explanation of the Rights of Inheritance

Sundays: 12.30pm: The Fine Example (A study of Husnul-Uswah) by Sadeeq Hasan Khan (A focus class for sisters but all welcome to attend)

Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Wāhid ibn Sālih Alam:

Thursdays: 7.30pm: Explanation of the Creed (Sharhus-Sunnah) of Imām Al-Barbahāri by Shaikh Al-Fawzān/Shaikh Rabee’.

Fridays: 7.30pm: Explanation of the Book of Sunnah from Sunan Ibn Mājah by Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin Al-‘Abbād

Saturdays: 11.00am: Explanation of Bulūgh Al-Marām: Book of Purification of Ibn Hajr and Al-Fawzān (Sisters and families focused class but all welcome)

Abu Idrees Muhammad

Tuesdays: 7.30pm: Explanation of Al-‘Aqeedah Al-Wāsitiyyah of Shaikh Al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah.

Friday Khutbah:

Fridays: Khutbah (Summer-time 1.30pm start / Winter-time 12.40pm start)

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