In The Event of The Loud Speakers Failing Mid-Prayer & So The Imaam Cannot be Heard


Shaikh ‘Uthaimeen (rahimahullaah) was asked:

Q: I prayed with the Imaam and entered into the prayer along with him in the opening takbeer and I heard the recitation of Soorah Al-Faatihah, then suddenly the voice of the Imaam was cut and so I did not hear the takbeer for going into the rukoo’ due to the problem with the loud speaker. So I was unable to continue following the Imaam and so I completed my prayer individually. Is the prayer correct even though I differed from the Imaam?

The Shaikh answered:

“The prayer is correct, if the voice of the Imaam is cut; and the person prays individually from the Imaam; then his prayer is correct – because he is excused. However if we assume that this person is praying the Jumu’ah prayer and the voice was cut during the first rak’ah (unit of prayer) and the person prayed individually from the Imaam then the person should not pray the Jumu’ah prayer. This is because he did not attain (complete) a full rak’ah; and if it cut in the second rak’ah and he prayed individually from the Imaam then he should complete praying it as a Jumu’ah prayer – because he had already attained a full rak’ah. However it does not befit that the one who is following – whether male or female – should intend to go into an individual prayer immediately when the voice cuts out. Rather upon him is to wait, as sometimes the voice may be cut – and then they make adjustments to rectify it, if after that he has given up then he should pray individually.”

(Al-Liqaa Ash-Shahree [no.59] – under the topic of the congregational prayer and the Imaam.)


Shaikh Muqbil (rahimahullaah) was asked:

Q: Regarding the prayer of the women behind the men with the presence of a segregation (partition) and that they cannot hear the Imaam except by way of a loud speaker; and then the voice cuts out. Is it permissible for them to put one of them forward? (i.e. to lead) And what if the sound returns once again – do they return back to praying with the Imaam or do they continue behind the woman?

The Shaikh answered:

“If the voice cuts out then it is permissible for them to put forward one from amongst themselves; and then if the sound returns then they do not return to following the Imaam – rather they remain continuing with the woman.”

(Fawaa-id min duroos Abee ‘Abdir-Rahmaan Muqbil bin Haadi Al-Waadi’ee question 28 p.61)

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