The Salafi Bookstore and Islamic centre is collecting Zakāt, Zakāt al-Fitr, Fidyah and Sadaqah for worthy causes

The @SalafiBookstore is collecting #zakat #fitr #sadaqa #fidya. Phone & pay yours before #Eid so we can purchase food & get it to the poor. Please spread this through your accounts. Continue reading

January 2017 Prayer Timetable

>>> Click here for pdf of January Timetable 2017 <<< Muslims are obligated to pray to Allāh five set times each day. This prayer is called the Salāh. It is the second pillar of Islām. Muslims take time out throughout the day to focus upon this special act where they focus on … Continue reading

July 2015 Prayer Timetable

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May 2015 Prayer Timetable

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April 2014 Prayer Timetable

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